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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have what!?

so I didn't post yesterday because I was busy with the family and working out of course...I weighed myself and I cannot believe I was the same weight yesterday as I was a few days earlier!! Not okay. So I have continued eating the minimum for now and drinking a lot of water and working out. Yesterday I was rushed at the gym, but I got to do the elliptical, bike, treadmill, and rowing machine for a few minutes each and then i squeezed in some sit-ups.

Today, I had to babysit all day, so I did not get to the gym, but I did overcome a huge thing for me--eating while bored. Whenever I babysit I am notorious for checking all the cabinets and Fridge to see what good stuff they had and then ravenously eating most of it. Today was the first time ever that (yes I did check to see what junk they had) but I did not eat any of it! I had water and tea instead. And of course some coffee=)

I feel a little upset that I did not get any gym time today and the fact that I had some ice cream, but I am confident I'll begin feeling better tomorrow. My plan of action is: Wake up and have some grapefruit, water, and coffee..gym..lunch=soup or celery with salsa...errands...lightlightlight dinner...obviously thats not my full day, but its sorta an outline to keep me on track. Also, remember this is my "detox" diet, not a healthy lifestyle kind of diet and I only plan to eat this little in order to lose the first few pounds to get me going. I also tend to eat a TON at night, like I could go all day without eating a thing then all of a sudden it gets dark and I feel the need to stuff my face. That is absolutely not okay because you want to eat the least amount of calories at night. That will be the next feat to overcome...

Anyway...some motivation for you guys to slim down, or not gain weight is that I just found out that I have developed a medical condition: raynaud's syndrome that makes my fingers turn blue and gives me a headache almost constantly...due to a fast weight gain because of stress and tension...My fingers have been turning blue and my feet get tingly and I randomly feel like I am going to throw up =( My family noticed and they were like you need to get that checked out ASAP!!!!!! and when I found out today what I had I was like what the hell!? a real medical condition because I gained weight!? howww did I get to this point!?

Well, enough droning on about the weight, I have a date next week with a guy I have not seen since the summer when I was much smaller in a bathing suit so I need to look good! I'll let you know how that goes, but I'm excited cuz since school started and was so stressful, I havn't been on a date in a while!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this break and I hope everyone enjoys the new Year tomorrow!!

much love =)


  1. Sorry to hear about your condition...sometimes, though, and I'm not saying this is a good thing, but any motivation is good motivation.

    Since it hasn't been that long since you were happier with your body image, then you have all the motivation you need to get back to it.

    For some of us, it has been so long since being thin, it is difficult to imagine it, so for me I just take things one day at a time and have no specific goal other than to do the best I can every day to get better and better.

  2. thanks so much! But I know what you mean, it actually has been very long since i have been thin. Just not so long since i have been "normal weight" and I feel so far away from the lower weight that I used to be 2 years ago and what I should be. It is very discouraging, but it is true that some and any motivation is better than none.