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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

let the weight loss begin!

so now that I have found a real motivator-- my Reynouds disease (and getting back to school) -- I have been able to drop 5 lbs =) I re-started weight watchers and I love it. It is definitely a long term weight loss program, but you can use it to loose weight as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. Buttt if you are competitive like me, it is easier to shed pounds with weightwatchers online because it is easy to get really competitive with your self. It is especially rewarding when the smiley face comes on each time you loose 5 lbs!! hehe...
Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday about my little medical speed bump and i got blood work done. So I basically find out if I have something more serious such as diabetes tomorrow or Thursday. I am praying it is only something that I can fix by dropping a few pounds because diabetes is an awful thing to live with and many people in my family have it =(
...also I have been reading many blogs when people are depressed. I just want to say to all of you, especially in hard times to keep your head up. Find stressors that bother you and that aggravate your sadness and eliminate each, one by one, by listing little ways to help each one. Let yourself know that you are not alone and that you can be happy because your life is worth it. I say this because I have been through quite a rocky road of depression. I am not "depressed" right now, but of course I get down more than usual. I feel like sinking back into my lonely depression each time i look in the mirror, each time the guy I like doesn't call me back, and each time I feel lost or like I will never be good enough. Each time I feel like this I realize my real goals, what and who I am living for, and how I will get myself out of it knowing that I will feel great at the end of the tunnel. Weight loss and struggle with weight issues are not the only causes of depression, but let me tell you, it is an extreme factor and everyone out there trying to loose weight--you need to create a mantra and follow it. You need to wake up every morning and say that. You need to tell yourself you were created in a beautiful image and you are a beautiful person with an original personality. I read a book called the "Secret" and it talks all about this. It says that you must pretend you already have what you want and believe that you actually have it and you will surely get it. I used this myself a while back and it actually worked. I would tell myself I had the perfect body, and the confidence I emitted drove me to lose that weight and be the person I wanted to be. Weight loss is a certain percent nutrition, another percentage fitness, and yet another spiritual well being and mind. If you have a bad body image, you will stay the way you are inside and out. If you work on confidence, loving and appreciating yourself, and bettering yourself, you WILL get what you want.

Good luck =)

p.s. weight loss is EXTREMELY once you shed even just 2 or 3 pounds, you will be off to a good start if you stick with your plan! I hope I have more lost pounds to tell you about next time!

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  1. Congratulations on your loss! Fingers crossed on your doctor's visits...