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Friday, January 8, 2010

So turns out there was no real reason for me to be worrying so much in college. The stress caused weight gain and medical problems, but I just got grades back and they are pretty good! Silly me for worrying...

Anyway, I think I am back on track today for real!! I woke up today with only a small headache as compared to the huge ones the past few days. I had a few bites of random things before my actual breakfast which wasn't good, but I am working on that. Then I had a small lunch and I am totally in the mood to work out =)

So I do not have that much to report on, but I do have one question...I feel like I am so obsessed with food-- I am always thinking about it, how it effects me, when I get to eat more, etc. If I see food I basically need to eat it. I know a lot of other people who are concerned with weight loss also feel this way because we have sort of a flawed (but unnecessarily so) relationship with food. What I am trying to ask is, why is this? Why do we see food this way, but "normal people" can do things like eat their meal and be done with food. They don't always think of food or when they eat next. Why is there such a difference and how did we get to be like this? Some people seem to have it so easy...

Well, just some food for thought, if anything (pun intended).

Have a wonderful Friday =)


  1. You are asking a very tough question about how dependency/obsession with food that I believe only true professionals can address.

    However, I've been through enough therapy to know that the common response is "and how does that make you feel?" or "and why do YOU think that is?".

    F*ck...I could do that for $150/hr.'ll discover after reading many bloggers, those that are very introspective, including myself, post a lot about their relationship to food, failure, fear, etc.

    I think a closer look at how and what you are feeling at the time of a food obsessive thought would make a good blog for the near future...hmm?

    Getting Better and Better

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how a brain that's in charge of our body's self-perservation could give us crazy cravings for food that actually does our bodies harm. Who thunk that sh*t up anyway?

    Don't make yourself crazy worrying about grades. Worry about learning all you can and making connections that will serve you well throughout your life. Internships and other programs that get you experience in the real world are things that can have a huge positive impact on your future.