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Thursday, January 7, 2010

So I found out that I have Raynaud's and I am a little anemic. There is still a possibility that I have something a little more, but I will not know that for another month. Did I mention that the weight gain was from serious stress? And stress is the main cause of Raynaud's disease. I have to find out what my stressors are and eliminate them one by one. I don't know what it is about me, but I get super stressed out about the smallest things. Even if I am going to say one sentence in front of a crowd I'll lose sleep because of it. I feel like a crazy person. Do you guys have any advice? I think I am going to give yoga a try even though I have always HATED it because I am the type of person who needs to be vigorously moving if I am going to "work out". We'll see how that goes.
I have to admit that I have been a little bit of a lazy bum the past few days- no gym, but I do feel better than I did a few days ago. Also, the other day I vacuumed my house and cleaned for two hours and I really felt like i had gone to the gym and lifted! I was so surprised how many calories you can burn while cleaning vigorously. Give it a try!
Well, no weigh in until Monday, but I am off to go better my spiritual, mental, and physical well being by first getting rid of some of this stress!!

Happy Thursday =)


  1. While I don't practice this, I wish I did. I would also suggest meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga is great too, but you certainly can practice meditation anywhere anytime.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the advice about keeping almonds in my gym bag - I wll do that next week. I don't really want eat any more so late at night, so hopefully that takes the edge off the hunger so I can sleep.

    The instructor at the class was very good at making sure we didn't "cheat" to make things easier - like if we were doing jumping jacks and our arms came out of the water at all, she called us out. It was great!

    Good luck de-stessing - you should try yoga - I've heard with a good instructor it's more work than it looks!